How do I use the programs myself?

e-hub self help programs are free to all Australians, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They were designed by leading researchers in the field of online mental health at the Australian National University, with input from consumers and clinicians. Feedback from program users is also used to continue improving the programs.

The programs can provide you with:

Information about depression including how it feels, how it is diagnosed, the various kinds of help available and how to access them, and information about the scientific evidence for different types of help.

e-couch information modules
Information about depression and anxiety disorders including how they are diagnosed, where you can get help, and which treatments work.

Skills training drawn from cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for depression. Research has shown that it can also be helpful for anxiety.

e-couch self-help modules
Skills training drawn from a range of psychological therapies for depression and anxiety disorders, as well as coping strategies for people experiencing divorce and grief.

You can start or stop using the programs at any time.

e-hub programs have been set up to allow you to use them as privately as possible. You don't need to register to look at the information on BluePages.

You will need to register if you'd like to use moodgym or e-couch. When you register, we ask for as little identifying information as possible, but you will need to supply an email address which will only be accessed by e-hub staff. You can further protect your privacy by using an email address that doesn't identify you - '' may give information about your name or workplace, but an address such as '' does not give away any personal details.

Other ways to protect your privacy include making sure that you only use the program when you are in a private space, that you log off and close your web browser (eg, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) when you have finished a session. You might also want to set your browser so that it doesn't keep a history of sites that you have visited to reduce the chance that other people using your computer can see the sites you have visited. It is also important to use up to date virus protection software.

By logging in with your username and password that you create at registration, moodgym and e-couch will remember what you have done on previous visits to the programs. This means that you can have another look at the work that you have done in the exercises and examples. It also means that you can look at how you responded to quizzes on past visits and track your progress over time.

e-hub programs can be used as one part of a package of care and many people use the programs before, during or after other types of help. You might like to explore other services to help you decide whether a combined approach suits you best.

You can use e-hub programs by yourself for self help, with the support of someone you choose (as guided self-help), or with your psychologist or mental health professional as an adjunct to other therapies.

e-hub doesn't provide ongoing personal support to program users, so if you want support when using the programs you will need to arrange this outside e-hub services. Before starting your e-hub program, you might like to look at information in this portal about how the programs are used and the Frequently Asked Questions.