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MoodGYM Clinician's Manual

The Clinician’s Manual is a 72-page book designed for clinicians who wish to use MoodGYM as an adjunct to their own clinical practice. Individuals working with the clinician undertake the program directly through the web and then meet with the clinician (usually weekly) to discuss their progress. At these meetings, the clinician reviews the exercises, homework and goals using MoodGYM’s individualised progress reports.

The MoodGYM Clinician Manual provides:

  • information about the content and assessments used in MoodGYM
  • the normative data used for feedback in the program
  • an outline of a 7-week program for clinicians to use in their practice.

To request a copy of the MoodGYM Clinician Manual in PDF format, please contact the e-hub team.

We would be very interested to hear of your experiences using the Clinician Manual in your practice. If you'd like to share your experiences with us or have any questions or feedback, please contact the e-hub team.

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