Get involved

e-hub Health is committed to engaging and partnering with consumers. We value consumer insights and the positive contribution they make in improving the safety and quality of our programs.

In order to create services with mutually valuable outcomes, we understand the importance of having service users who represent our service user demographic actively involved in the governance, planning, design, measurement and evaluation of the services we provide.

We incorporate service users in the design, measurement and evaluation of our online web services through feedback surveys, as well as targeted engagement strategies such as user testing and focus groups during the design, evaluation and ongoing review of the services.

Learn about e-hub self-help programs

We aim to provide consumers with easy to understand orientation materials to facilitate engagement and participation.

In the e-hub self-help programs section of e-hub Assist you will find:

  • Information about each of the e-hub self-help programs, including product information sheets.
  • How we measure and track the effectiveness and impact of the programs.

Participate in design and development

We encourage you to get involved in the design and development of e-hub self-help programs: